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With more than 17 years of experience managing Social and Environmental risks and opportunities for businesses across Africa, Latin America and North America, we have a great deal to say about how capital is deployed, development is evaluated and people are incentivized.  We have seen, first hand, the ways that conscious, responsible investments can improve communities, protect the environment and add net value, particularly when said activities are linked to the company's bottom line.

Akerblom works with companies and investors because we believe the private sector to be the most powerful and enduring force for honest, sustainable, positive change.

Kate Sarum Daniels ESG Consultant

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Akerblom harnesses positive social and environmental impact to grow responsible, profitable businesses. We provide high quality, bespoke advisory services to investors, organizations, and companies throughout all stages of the investment life cycle, in order to unlock capital, protect reputation and convey the value of social & environmental impact.

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