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We are positioned to serve investors, fund managers, company leaders, industry specialists and community / company consortia.  


Review, critique and design of the E&S components of an investment pitch deck and a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)

E&S Policies, Procedures, management plans

Design and drafting of the ESG Strategy, ESG policies and Social and Environmental Management System (SEMS)

Investment Due diligence & assessment

Pre investment screening, fatal flaw assessment, Environmental & Social Due Diligence (ESDD), Creation of Environmental & Social Action Plan (ESAP)

E&S Reporting and Investor relations

Providing annual GRI Sustainability reporting; quarterly investor reports; fielding investor questions and monitoring progress against the investment agreements, the ESAP or 100-day plan

Social & Environmental project design & monitoring

Interventions throughout the investment period that will have positive social and environmental impact; monitoring their delivery and evaluating their impact on the investment and on communities.

Project design with communities 

Work with communities and companies to design shared value projects that accelerate community development with the support of companies.

Investors, Donors and Companies with which we have worked
  • Congressional Bank (US)

  • TPL Holdings (Pakistan)

  • Alta Bay Capital

  • DEG

  • FinFund

  • FMO

  • CDC

  • Agri Vie

  • HSBC Bank

  • European Investment Bank

  • E.ON

  • Technoserve

  • Z.A. Zen Consulting



  • DFID

  • Irish Aid

  • CIDA

  • The Nelson Mandela Children's Fund

  • The Vodacom Foundation


  • Compassion International

  • Habitat for Humanity International

  • Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO)

  • Musa Capital

  • Rand Merchant Bank (RMB)

  • Eos Capital (Namibia)

  • IJG Namibia

  • The International Finance Corporation (IFC) and The World Bank

  • AgDevCo

  • Root Capital

  • Cayor Capital

  • FTI Consulting

  • Harith General Partners

  • The New Forests Company

  • WWF's New Generations Plantations

  • Trinitas

  • Verod Capital


  • Lyra in Africa

  • Altica Partners

  • VantagePoint

  • IASeminars

  • Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

  • Several private, family offices and Foundations

  • A wide network of High Net Worth Individuals

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